Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography

VRSCLICK capture your precious moments in time and beautifully present them in our stunning hand-crafted product. Our innovative photo shoots , exceptional photography quality and first class customer service continues to redefine family photography, creating lasting memories for generations to come.

Our family photo shoots are a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together. Before you attend your VRSCLICK photo shoot we’ll talk you through what to expect during the experience and help you come up with plenty of ideas for the shoot to ensure that we are really telling your families story in the images. Bring along your very own props or pets, bond through our unique VRSCLICK experience and together.

And facing the subject from the same point of light source will produce high key effects with least shadows.

At times colored glasses, filters and reflecting objects can be used to give the portrait desired color effects.

The composition of shadows and soft light gives window light portraits a distinct effect different from portraits made from artificial lights

Over hundreds of families in Andhra Pradesh have enjoyed a VRSCLICK photo shoot experience they’ll never forget, so why don’t you join them and become a member of the VRS family.

Hope U enjoy all photos!

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