Black & White Photography


Black & White Photography

Monochrome photography is the photography where the image produced has a single, rather than recording the colors of the object that was photographed. It includes all forms of black-white photography, which produce images containing tones of grey ranging from black to white.

Black-and-white photography is considered more subtle and interpretive, and less realistic than color photography. Black and white images are not direct renditions of their subjects, but are abstractions from reality, representing colors in shades of grey.

The image on a black and white film negative is actually the inverse of the actual image. That is to say, all the areas that show clear on the negative will be black on the print and all black areas of the negative will show white.

VRSCLICK gives a more prominent role for taking a lively photo rather than the usual.

When printing on to photo paper light is able to pass through the clear areas of the negative resulting in more light hitting the paper and leading to a dark spot Black areas of the negative are the opposite, resulting in less light hitting the paper to leave a white spot.

The black and white photos were used in the previous year when the digital was not in contact, here our VRSCLICK will create more life to the color photo then the black-white photography also find it’s own path in it.

Hope u enjoy the photos!

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